Bad Munki Notes

As requested, the original design/intent:

The trap was designed to be a very, very long term play. I let the game run for a year or two after I finished and it wasn’t even close to going off yet. There were multiple stages to it being triggered, all internal. There are a few major components:

1) Cats. Lots of cats.
2) A pressure plate, which can be triggered by cats.
3) A murk zombie in a cage.
4) A pressure-plate which can be triggered by murk zombies.
5) A pillar.

The process is as follows, starting from just before when I handed over the save:
1) Cats are all pastured in the innermost chamber of the monolith.
2) Pasture is removed, allowing cats to roam freely within the monolith.

  1. save is handed over #
    3) Cats leave inner sanctum, as they have a penchant for exploration.
    4) Cats do NOT trigger pressure plate at passageway into inner sanctum, it is too stiff. Call this pressure plate (B).
    5) Cats EVENTUALLY wander through very long maze of passageways and trigger pressure plate located near top of monolith, call it (A).
    6) Pressure plate (A) is connected to the murk zombie’s cage, which is located in inner sanctum, where cats originally were.
    7) Murk zombie is released, and begins rampaging, killing cats.
    8) As part of its rampage, murk zombie attempts to leave inner sanctum.
    9) Pressure plate (B) is triggered by murk zombie at entrance to inner sanctum.
    10) Pressure plate (B) is connected to pillar at top of monolith
    11) Pillar disintegrates.
    12) Monolith drops.
    13) Maybe.

Mind you, none of this was ever tested or anything. I sort of designed it as I was building it, and I never managed to run it long enough to get one of the cats to step on the furthest-most pressure plate. It’s an overly complicated design, as is the dwarven way, but I think the design is sound. I just have no idea how long it’d actually take. One mistake I do know I made is that I didn’t make the pressure plates triggerable by citizens. I had meant to, so that if anyone tried to break in, it would go off immediately, but by the time I realized I hadn’t, it was too late and I didn’t feel like save scumming. OH WELL! :D

Bad Munki Notes

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