LeJackal Notes

General Notes:
-I am sort of obsessive about labels. Check the ’N’otes and you’ll see
I label levers and the item they manipulate. [Usually]
-I’m not good at setting up very efficient food or cloth industries.
You should check on those.
-The military needs some replacement soldiers and better gear,
considering the last siege. Use adamantine for weapons, and favor
axes, they own versus zombies.
-There is a metric fuckton of stuff in this fortress, you might want
to organize it.

Forge Area:
-The Magma Prison: Don’t touch it. All the levers on the forge level
that aren’t labeled are deathtraps and will kill dwarves. The ones
labeled in relation to the prison? Also deathtraps. There are three
safe levers at the sterilizer and the lever that seals the Capsule,
these are safe. The rest aren’t. Don’t mess with the prison, it will
end badly. [Also destroy my legacy]
- If you want to cheat, you can always use Therapist to assign the
kids inside labors so they can farm and stuff.
-Speaking of the Capsule, you really should make a burrow and put some
dwarves down there with more supplies so its a real mini-fort. My
tests were not very pleasant in its current state.
-The Sterilizer could also be improved with a water or magma tank above it.
-We have a legendary weaponsmith, and also an armorsmith. I gave them
custom professions to match. Oski already has a room in the Capsule,
you might want to put the armor guy next to him and keep them both
-Oski has his own forge, look at the Notes.
-Adamantine from the spire has already been mined, just extract more
strands and make more wafers.
-I still don’t know how the Screw works, good luck with that.
-The Crackmaster Vault needs to have more artifacts put in it, I set
out a pattern for you to follow with pedestals. Tracking artifacts
down can be a pill, good luck. Note that the plan for completing it is linked at the bottom and that the pedestal blocks should be cobaltite.
-Don’t forget to add yourself to the Vault in Overseer’s Row at the back.

-Related to above, check the farms north and make sure things are
neatly running.
-I had to re-jigger the coffins for the vault, so you might need to
lay out some more or put slabs back out. Do this before the ghosts
-Some new rooms have been dug, feel free to furnish them or ignore them.
-The minecarts don’t work, I think. I don’t know right now. Drink
eggnog with bourbon like me until it makes sense.
-Remember to check for the Queen to mandate ballistic arrows and order
them made, the workshop is to the south.

Upper Levels:
-We have a ton of animals going untrained and feral. You might want to
do something about that.
-The Old Courtyard could use a bit of retrofitting, just to add some
more space and utility.
-Most of the barracks have been relocated near the Old Courtyard
entrance, except the Gnu Order.
-The Gnu Order has barracks in the ‘defense tower’ over the depot,
giving them easy access to the murder holes and scaffolding outside.
-Those lead floor bars above the depot/courtyard? Dwarves can shoot
through them, so can goblins. They aren’t like fortifications. Be
-Oh, zombies give no shits about the river. It only stops some living
things from crossing it.

Vault Plans

LeJackal Notes

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