Neddy Seagoon Notes

The demon trap is walled in and secure at Shift+F7.

Try and wall off the sides of the Hell Tower as you build each level, otherwise you might get flying demons coming in to burn/dust/rip your dwarves apart.

Hell is actually reasonably safe. Demons will spawn in groups of about 3-5 on the edge and leave if you can ignore them long enough (or kill them). Whatever’s in the Demon trap is the extent of what will turn up in hell (the types are randomly generated on hell-breach), so use them as a beastiary.

The Power Generator at Shift-F1.
How it should work is thus;

1. Both levers at F3 are set to On so that most of the system is disconnected.

2. A dwarf starts manually pumping one of the screwpumps until the water wheels start kicking in.

3. When the power output is greater than the input, pull the lever connected to the first row of waterwheels. Once it’s the power output is stable across all the wheels, connect the rest with the other lever.

However, it seems to have water flow issues that I think might be just from the lake being shallow. Try building a multi-Z storage tank feeding the screwpumps (and fill it) if you want to get it working better.

Neddy Seagoon Notes

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