nvining Notes

Umm. Overseer notes, right.

- I didn’t really do much, in the spirit of the overseer-less turn. I set up a bunch of new stills and barrels and have the drink situation sort of fixed. We are now at a better ~1400 drinks, but I would want to keep this stockpiling. The clothing thing is an ongoing mess, mainly because various dwarves keep trying to take all the cloth that is produced and sticking it in the hospital for medical supplies. We have yarn and leather and are slowly working our way through it, but it’s still pretty messy.

- I don’t know how the forgotten beast that menaced Red October got in the fortress, or what it was. If anybody cares, they might want to start looking for holes and things.

- I excavated a bunch more adamantine. I don’t know how much more we can get without breaching the Depths. I have some dudes randomly digging up gems and shit on an end level. We need more gold for more toys for more… I dunno what’s going on there.

- HUNDRED HOGS still needs three enormous corkscrews.

nvining Notes

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