OhCrap Notes

Notes from OhCrap about the state of the fortress after his turn:


The human caravan lost at least one horse, and there are trade goods left behind. I have unforbidden all goods that were showing, so this will up the fort’s stocks somewhat. I deliberately didn’t mention this, as a possibly story thread for the next overseer.

I am not sure if there are better metals further down, but so far we’re stuck with copper, tin, and bronze as the primary metals. I believe I requested iron and steel for the next caravan, and the crafts built (especially the copper ones) should give you a better ability to buy goods than was previously the case. There should be other things to sell above and beyond crafts.

New Armour build

I have put a new armour build in for both Melee and Marksdwarfs. It should provide the best coverage, although generally you can add a couple of hoods and cloaks on top. There aren’t many clothing options in The Rare Ship so I’ve assigned robes and trousers as their undergarment.

There is also a Superdorf build which amounts to dual wielding a melee weapon and a crossbow. This does work in my own testing, and can be quite formidable .. if they do a lot of training. I don’t think the fort is ready.

The armour build is set to replace clothing. Dwarfs will steadily go and put new armour pieces on as they become available with this build.

I think that charcoal production will support another metalsmith’s forge. In fact, a few workshops could do with a second production line.


There are no other weapon-skilled dwarfs in the general population. You will need to either draft unskilled, or wait until the next migrant wave this season. The training and patrol schedule seems reasonably effective, but I note that Bad Munki really gets annoyed.

I gave the militia a few days off after the ambush, which seems to have avoided most tantrums.


The reservoir is a security problem, mostly where there are ramps. I would be slightly less concerned if the water pressure was good, but it’s not.

There are a couple of last minute channelling designations (toward the bridge) to try to improve matters, but you may wish to cancel this.

You can, of course, close the floodgate (left lever near the entrance) and make a well (or designated drinking area) from the pool there. Need a floor over the up ramps. Or just wall off the area.

Bridge control is right lever near the entrance. There are notes for both levers in-game.


The 1st layer caverns are explored so there should be no more surprises if you keep an eye on the critters within the unit screen. I have two entrances to the caverns – one inside and one outside. The inside one has a passage comes up a level within the fort, so that it could be Hatched. That way if an invader destroys the outside one, they won’t gain access to the fort. It is locked. More improvements could be done.

We will periodically catch a critter or two from the cage traps, and there’s a lot of spider silk.


I have designated rooms for coffins, and coffins have been being built. There are a number of coffins that will need to be placed for all dead to be at rest.


The ambush is definitely vanquished. You should get a clear run for the first season (but be mindful of random number generator).

OhCrap Notes

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