Pickled Tink Notes

Congratulations and condolences to you if you are the new overseer.

A few notes:

1) I intentionally left the LeJackal/Me plot thread unresolved. You can play with it or not. If not, I’m sure we’ll find a way to do it in Journal entries. It was just unreasonable to tie it up so soon, and would have seemed very silly. Also, I couldn’t think of a way to write it.

2) The forgotten beast got in through a hole I missed in cavern layer 1. I set up the f4 hotkey to take you there. There’s another breach a level or two up to the left. Have fun.

3) There are still ways for flying enemies to get in. I did get all of the entryways for walkers in caverns 2 and 3 though, so there’s that.

4) Congratulations, the forgotten beast syndrome causes necrosis! Have fun!

Documentation for actually important mechanical things:

1) I did not label the incinerator levers (they are the ones next to the incinerator). The top one does the top hatch, the bottom one the bottom hatch. I’d close the top before opening the bottom, and vice versa. Magma mist will come up if you don’t.

2) Up a floor are three levers. These trigger collapses. One of them has been disarmed by the addition of a floor. The other has not. I’m not sure which is which but I think left lever = left support right lever = right support holds true. The leftmost has been used and gets ignored for the purpose of this note.

3) There are a couple of carved spires above the sterilizer. These two are intended to be dropped and plug the two water holes in the device, allowing it to be potentially unsealed. One is already hooked up to a lever (nearby lever)

4) The rail gun. You can fire it from the (h)auling menu. Just select the stop and tell it to push a minecart north with no condition or timer. Best to assign one to it first, there’s a stockpile nearby which draws minecarts from the main pile downstairs.

There’s not really much else to add. There’s about 300 spare power sitting in the windmill complex powering the rail gun if you want to use it. I think the minotaur pre-empted a goblin ambush squad but I am not sure, but you have a forgotten beast to deal with. There’s one more in that cavern, but I don’t think it can go through the water since it is made of fire.

The DFhack install is really useful, and you should use the “tweak fixmigrant” command to fix Traders migrants that appear and don’t integrate into your fortress. I put this here because no one documented that before and I didn’t realise the fix until it was mentioned in the thread.

Pickled Tink Notes

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