Veloxyll Notes

State of the Fortress:

I didn’t do any particularly murder-y megaprojects myself, so no dangers on that front.

I think I’ve ordered most of the worn out clothes dumped, so any dwarf on refuse dumping will have plenty to keep them busy.

You have human traders visiting right now, and your broker is about 5 squares from the depot. The fortress really needs more cloth. Rope Reed seeds are also handy to get more of. Most of the fields are assigned to do pig tails for cloth when they can.

Zergle needs bones and leather for his mood, so it might be worth slaughtering some yaks or horses or something for materials.

Duckbill still refuses to sleep so the medical dwarves aren’t generating a diagnose order. Hopefully his drowsiness will kick in soon and he’ll fall asleep and get treated.

The militia is also fully staffed and assigned barrackses. Though the barracks near the workshops need doors, which are ordered, but not complete yet. Their current schedule is two months training, 1 month off.

You’ve got some steel and bronze to work with, as well as all the copper you could ever want.

Also whoops, I actually forgot to remove the floor tile to give the new Magma forges magma access. So to use them you’ll have to deconstruct them, dig out a square of floor, then rebuild them.

There’s a bunch of smoothing ordered, too.

Veloxyll Notes

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