YeOldeButchere Notes

Yeol’s Notes

- The fortress as a whole is fairly secure. Sieges can’t get in, and depending on where the goblins are, you might be able to shoot at them from either the tower or some of the murder holes that have been engraved in the walls here and there. You can engrave more, but remember that goblins can use them too if they get close, so don’t turn the courtyard into a goddamn shooting range for the goblins.

- Speaking of siege, there’s a siege ongoing right now. Figured I’d mention that in case it wasn’t obvious.

- I didn’t screw around much with the caverns, but there wasn’t really anything interesting in there during my year. There’s a couple of traps that were already there, and I’m pretty sure there’s a bunch of ways different kinds of creatures (amphibious, flying) could get into the fortress.

- The major refuse stockpiles are outside our fortifications, which is nice if some necromancer drops by to say hello. There’s still plenty of stuff to raise from the dead inside the fortress itself, though, so that should make things interesting, and there’s a slight chance it won’t be an instant game over if you manage to raise the bridge in time.

- The levers for the bridges are the three levers near the entrance of the fortress proper. Northernmost one is outter bridge, which is on right now, middle one is for the the northernmost of the two bridges near the entrance (at the bottom of the defense tower), and the southernmost lever is for the second bridge near the entrance. Basically they’re in the same order as the bridges themselves.

- There might be one or two dwarves with the masonry labor enabled in the fortress. Depending on what you plan on doing, you might restrict that to those dwarves that are actually skilled in masonry.

- For the Tower, you’re obviously free to do whatever you want with it, but if you keep building it and want to start pumping water up there, then you’ll probably need to build new windmills at the top of the tower as the ones on the surface will probably end up having floors from the tower above them, which would make them “inside” as far as the game is concerned, and thus non-functional.

- For the “Screw”, if you really want to get minecarts running from the forges to the surface, you’ll need to keep building the central mechanisms stack one mechanism at a time, and the rollers for the upwards path once the mechanisms are built. Not gonna lie, I have no idea if the thing will actually work once completed, and it will likely be a massive deathtrap. Not gonna lie for the second time here, if you’ve not played with tracks before, you might want to practice first in some other fortress or something because it’s roughly on par with the military screen in terms of intuitiveness, and it’s really easy to fuck up by removing the wrong wall or ramp or laying a track wrong on a ramp and making the entire thing unusable. Not that it’ll be particularly useful, unless you use it to haul up carts filled with magma to launch at the goblins, which is more or less what I wanted to do, but I should have just gone with a magma pump stack instead.

- The queen is the only dwarf who doesn’t have a nickname. If you use dwarf therapist (and you’re dumb as fuck if you don’t), you can group by “Has Nickname” which is really useful to see who’s new when there’s a migrant wave. Just don’t rename the queen as well.

- I think that more or less covers it. Standard dwarf fortress warnings about not flooding the place by digging upwards into a reservoir or unleashing hell and reducing FPS to SPF applies. I don’t know who’ll be the next overseer yet, but that last one is especially important if you’re Bad Munki.

YeOldeButchere Notes

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