Rawkking Notes


The military equipment system is rather buggy. Dwarves will sometimes
only equip a couple of armor items when a whole set is available,
refuse to equip weapons, quivers, carry bolts, etc. I think Enzer and
Anela Cistine are currently suffering under this bug, for example.
Peas used to have it before I somehow solved it for him. Fiddler Three
had this problem and was transported to The Lovely Treaties. The
Lovely Treaties has just had their uniform orders changed so they
hopefully will equip a full suit of armor. I have barely looked at the
ranged squadrons, some of them probably aren’t wearing the right stuff
and they’re only in leather (Walled Skies) or mostly cloth (GNU Order)
by orders anyways. You may prefer them in metal. And note that the
military screen is NOT accurate for determining what stuff is actually
equipped to dwarves.

The Lovely Treaties also has two high skill doctor dwarves in it: you
may want to put them in a reserve squadron or remove them from the
military entirely. All the military is currently set to carry booze
and carry no food for supplies to maximize happy thoughts. You may
want them carrying food if you plan to do long patrols.

Other Defense

Whatever works for you, but bear in mind that dwarves currently have
no burrow restrictions and in spite of a few traps and such the
caverns are probably the easiest way for a monster to sneak into the
fortress and kill some dwarves. Flying surface creatures can enter
from the ballista battery or guard tower as well.

Burrow uses: whenever you decide to use one I’d recommend manually
checking out the burrow first even with these descriptions:

HIDE: restricts dwarves to the fortress proper and walled in outdoors
areas. Should have no caverns access.
murk watch: used during the murk coyote attack. Restricts dwarves to
the fortress proper, the first set of caverns, and some of the wilds
near the entrance.
Surface Siege: Gives the dwarves full access to the fortress and
depths (up to a rather low z-level), but keeps them from heading
outside past the walled in outdoors areas.


I’m ordering the levers related to the murkyotes (one of them releases
a caged murkyote) removed. You can keep them around if you dare. Enjoy
the complimentary undead.
The top lever in Leperfish’s office raises the outer depot bridge, the
bottom lever raises the lower depot bridge.

Finally, the humans are probably somewhat irked at us for stealing
lots of cloth for the hospital in Leperfish’s turn and now mine plus
the loss of a pack animal with goods in another overseer’s turn. You
might want to give them a good deal or just gift them some nice

Rawkking Notes

Bronzestabbed Leperflesh