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This is the “Overseer Site” for the Bronzestabbed Let’s Play, on During the LP, this site was used as a secret location for Overseers to post their notes and download the save files.

Now, it serves as an archive of those notes, and the save files, for anyone interesting in visiting Bronzestabbed.

LP Update Resources
Use this to add the “update” image for making updates: [IMG][/IMG]

The font is called “evanescent” and I found it here
The base image if you want to use it is here

The dwarfing list form you fill out to get dwarfed is here: Bronzestabbed Dwarfing List

The dwarfing list spreadsheet can be viewed here: Spreadsheet


Useful stuff

This file contains various text files with world gen information, screen caps of the main history of The Rare Ship, all of the various detailed maps that DF can output in legends mode, compiled information on all of The Rare Ship’s rulers, lists of the cities of The Rare Ship, and more. It contains spoilers.

Bronzestabbed uses a Dwarf Fortress mod I called Lepermod. This mod comes in two versions:
Lepermod 0.1 for Phoebus is here

Lepermod 0.1 for ASCII is here

If you download a full save of Bronzestabbed, the Phoebus version is already installed.

The saves

Each of the following zip files contains a complete runnable instance of Dwarf Fortress, including all mods, raws, etc., Phoebus, DFHack, Stonesense, and all dependencies. If you want to play around with Bronzestabbed, and you’re using Windows, you don’t need to first install dwarf fortress: just grab any of these saves, unzip them somewhere, and you’re ready to play.

If you’re using Linux or Mac, you will need to first install Dwarf Fortress version 0.34.11, and then (optionally) install Phoebus. Then, install Lepermod 0.1: either the phoebus or ascii version, at your preference. Finally, download any Bronzestabbed save, and copy the contents of the data/save/ folder to your own install. You may also want to copy the settings in the /data/init files.

Each of these zip files includes the Bronzestabbed fortress, as of the end of the Overseer’s turn listed below (in the save folder “Omon Atho”). To access the ongoing fortress, from the main DF screen, select “continue playing.”

There is a second game save folder included in each zip, “Omon Atho Abandoned,” which is the exact same generated world, but with an abandoned Bronzestabbed in almost the same place as the current one (but the year is 236). This folder is useful for quick access to Legends mode content from before the fortress started. From the main DF screen, click “start playing” and then select Legends mode. Everything here is identical to the state of the world of the main folder at the beginning of the LP. You can also use “start a fortress” to get access to the site finder, if you want to poke around and see where various cities are on the worldmap, or something like that: just be sure to hit Esc to back out of the fortress mode when you’re done looking around.

Note that Dwarf Fortress uses “historical” dwarves as immigrants, so many of the dwarves who lived at Bronzestabbed have information about them in Legends: but the game also generates fresh dwarves from scratch, and none of those will exist in the Omon Atho Abandoned legends mode. If you want to access a post-fortress Legends mode, you will have to open a copy of the game save, abandon the fortress, and then you can access legends mode and read all about stuff that happened at Bronzestabbed during the LP.

Below are listed each of Bronzestabbed’s Overseers, and the save file at the end of their term.

Leperfish (first year)


OhCrap Notes

Zapdos Notes

Rawkking Notes

TildeATH Notes

YeOldeButchere Notes

Thadius Notes

Jazzimus Notes

LeJackal Notes

Sky Shadowing Notes

Bad Munki Notes

Veloxyll Notes

nvining Notes

Pickled Tink Notes

Neddy Seagoon Notes

Leperfish (last term)

Seasonal saves
In addition to the full game saves above, you can also download the seasonal saves for any year of Bronzestabbed! Each of these zip files contains (usually) four folders, one for each season (spring, summer, fall, winter). Unlike the above saves, these do not contain an entire playable game install. To use any seasonal save, you must first install and configure DF – which is most easily accomplished by grabbing and unzipping any of the full saves listed above.

Then extract the zip into the /data/save/ folder. Start up DF, choose “continue playing,” and then select the desired seasonal save folder to open up that game.

A few zips only contain three seasonal saves instead of four: in these cases, the missing save would be identical to the corresponding overseer’s full final save they sent me, so they didn’t bother to send me that particular seasonal save too. I’m sure you can figure it out if you need the one you’re missing.

Here are the saves:

Dwarf Therapist

Would you like to use Dwarf Therapist? You need a version that works with DF 0.28.11. I have been using Dwarf Therapist 13, which I have uploaded here:
Dwarf Therapist 13

Configuration Notes:

Seasonal saves are turned on. That means at the end of each season, DF will lock up for a minute or two while it writes everything to a backup folder marked with the season name.

Do not rely on the seasonal saves to rescue you, though. If something really important happens (or is about to happen), hit Esc, save, exit DF, and make a copy of the Omon Atho savegame folder somewhere else. You can always delete those backup saves later if you need the space.

Music is turned off. You can turn it back on if you prefer by hitting Esc and going to the volume settings.

You can modify how Phoebus shows graphics by re-running the Phoebus configurator tool PhoebusTilesetAssembler, which is in the base game directory.

Do not run the phoebus savegame updater. It might be harmless but it might overwrite my mods in the raws, which would kind of fuck up the game.

Note that the Glazing and Pressing professions are removed: there is no point assigning a dwarf to these tasks because Glazing is now done with the Pottery skill and Pressing is done by Millers.

The Population cap (set in d_init) is currently at 500, and there are about 350 live dwarfs in the fortress. You can modify this as you like, but be aware that immigration waves are generated when they depart the mothership, not when they arrive, so you may still get an immigration after lowering the cap. It also has no effect on births. If the cap has been restricting immigration for some time and you then raise it, expect a very large wave the following season as the game tries to “catch up” to the fortress’s created wealth level.

Invasions are turned on, and you should expect major goblin invasions during any season.


Here are some basic maps. There are lots more in the file.

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