Sky Shadowing Notes

Congragulations! You have been Selected by the RNG to become the next overseer of Bronzestabbed!

If you are not Bad Munki, congragulations, you are right now probably enjoying Bad Munki’s rantings along with the rest of us. Take the time and gloat, I know you’ll enjoy it.

If you ARE Bad Munki, it’s about damn time, and thank you very much for so patiently waiting for me to take my turn before you inevitably destroy the fortress. It’s much appreciated.

Anyways, regardless of your identity, it’s your job to lead Bronzestabbed and the 270 odd dwarves that make it home. That may include you, it may not!

Since the last few Overseers have not had dwarves, myself included, I have left a farmdwarf with practically no skills open for you should you want an immediate dwarf to represent Your Glorious Reign. If not, you can remain undorfed or wait until the next migrant wave (given previous patterns, it should be a little over a month).

Anyways, as you probably read in my epilouge, the main motivation for the second half of my turn was that I was under the “control” (real or imagined, that’s up to future overseers to determine) of a mysterious entity I referred to as the “force”. He wanted Skydorf to fuck up so massively that there would be no other action than to immediately remove him from the Overseer position.

If you’re Bad Munki, in line with the “Patron Saint of Bad Things Happening to Dwarves”, congragulations, that’s you! If not, it could still be you! If you think the gimmick is terrible, call me out on it in-character and call me a loon, I won’t mind, that’s up to you, you’re at the wheel of this fortress now. I created the option, if you don’t want to use it’ fine, go ahead, ruin it for me.

Anyways, things to keep in mind-
1. F1 will take you to the lower levers. The very bottom one is the lever for Sword Gate, the current outermost gate.
2. You might want to do something about all the dying animals, be it butcher them so we can eat them and gain their power or pasture them so they get fatter before said butchering.
3. We can ALWAYS use more adamantine, but watch out, mine poorly and you’ll let loose the demons (as I don’t need to tell you if you’re Bad Munki, memories of Gemclod should stand out).
4. I’ve got my own forge, as does Oski.
5. The Murk apparently can appear anywhere, so if it appears in the courtyard, have Fun!
6. Useless artifacts can go in the Crackmaster Cultural Vault. It’s directly below the Forges. Also designate yourself a coffin there.
7. If you’re unaware, hit ‘N’ on the main screen to see the notes that could be on levers.
8. The lever in my spot of ‘vengeance’ is currently useless, the doors there and the lever are set to be deconstructed, as there’s really no point in them being there. Oh, the room next to the room filled with lava (I don’t know what sorcery LeJackal used to keep the lava from flowing OUT of the room) is a deathtrap. Pull it for Fun (please don’t use my dwarf, I’m sorry if you’re JollyPubJerk, I did say it would be dangerous).
9. Humans are in the depot, I didn’t trade with them, it’s up to you if you have any plans or anything like that.

Sky Shadowing Notes

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