Thadius Notes

Don’t use the Obsidian Generation Unit unless you revamp it. I tried using it twice in an alternate aborted timeline: The lava flowed freely. Forever.

We have hives, but not all the hives have bees. More hives are work ordered, so no worries there. Also, if anyone other than HiHo ChiRo takes up the beekeeper job, smack ‘em silly. ONLY HIHO SHALL BE BEEKEEPER! Or at least that’s how I’d do it. She’s doing a good job of being a crazy bee lady so far.

The Seigebreaker isn’t done, sadly. I had planned another ten layers to be dug out, along with a lining of weapons traps to knock guys off into the abyss. But I kept getting distracted. Mostly by making the Screw.

Speaking of, all the work has been laid out for it! Now I only hope that it actually works as intended.

Uh…All the raw addy has been processed into strands, but not all the strands are wafers yet. Give it time and that’ll change too.

All the fine food lines and farmers workshops ran out of viable animals and products to use towards the end of the month. We got a good few things out of it though. If you want it to work again, you’ll have to manually jump-start it in a few months.

Second, there is an unlabeled slab next to my construction of obsidian in the courtyard. It’s as much of a monument as I think I deserve.

If there is one last piece of advice I can give the new guy, it’s that our bonepiles are outside and exposed. We need to do something about that so that during a siege and mood at the same time, we don’t have to worry about Dwarven Sanity.

Thadius Notes

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